The Red Heart Foundation traces its origins to the reality of it’s country of birth; India, a country with the youngest population on the planet and yet a country that will have over 430 million 70 year olds in 2 years from now, a country that tops the global chart in smartphone penetration, but also one of where 16% of the population live below poverty line. The dichotomy of life in this subcontinent is what led to the creation of an organisation that intends to impact a central concern, healthcare and more specifically cardiac care.

The Goal

The goal is to increase awareness about cardiac health by initiating dialogues and discussions with often overlooked segments of the population, constantly educate doctors about best practices and medical technology & innovation and lastly and most critically, identify patients deemed inoperable, and provide them with both the means and the access to procedures and tools that can save and dramatically improve their quality of life.

Powered by

We are powered by a collaborative network of doctors from across the globe who come together to educate and share knowledge, industry partners who help us make medical innovation available to those who need it the most and thought leaders in medical education who support our initiatives.

The Red Heart Foundation is a registered public charitable trust supported regularly by several large corporate houses and even grateful patients who also want to enable complex cardiac procedures for the needy.


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